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Born in 1954 in Biel. Lives in Les Bayards and works in Les Verrières (NE)

I practice painting and not rhetoric.

I don't think about art and painting, then I paint.

I live in the world, I paint, then I think about painting and art and the world.

Having landmarks in the Chauvet cave, Luxor, Fayoum, Giotto or Fra Angelico is a matter of atavistic heritage transmitted through the body, not an intellectualized concept that would guide the arm beyond the centuries.

Rhetoric is therefore neither my means of expression nor my way of life.

I have always lived alone.

Doubt has long made me hesitate to show my work that I didn't feel mature enough.

However, I see that it is getting closer to the intimacy of my being.

I perceive that work begins to produce meaning by the fact that the pictorial language that my hands invent every day is consistent with what I feel about the world and myself.


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